Friday, January 18, 2008

Losing Canines (Teeth)

What a difference a week makes! One week ago, I couldn't come up with any stories to share. Today, I have so many things going on that I want to share, it's going to take me two or three posts to get it all said and done! Let me begin with this fella.
My oldest joy came running into the bathroom tonight to let me know that he had a loose tooth.

2.47 minutes later, he had pulled his lower right canine- by himself.

Now, before you get all hot and bothered, and start beating yourself up about your own parenting skills, because you have no clue which tooth actually is the lower right canine, let me go ahead and confess that I had no clue either. However, about the time I realized he had already yanked a tooth out of his head, I also realized I didn't know if it was a baby tooth or a permanent tooth.

Fearing an emergency trip to the dentist, panic set in and I was just about to call KK and pick her dental hygienist brain... for help with our dental emergency... again. But then I realized it was already after 9:00, and her little one was most likely sleeping.

It's amazing what a panic attack and a Google session can teach you!
Tonight, it taught me that I had no need to fear. The tooth he pulled was his lower right canine, and most children loose their canines between the ages of 9 and 12. He's 9, so we're right on time.

And it's so nice to be on time for something!

Did I mention that this brave little man pulled his tooth by himself?

2.47 minutes after realizing it was loose?

Or that patience is a virtue he hasn't quite developed yet?

Yep, he's mine!


inspired said...

Teeth creep me out, but they creep out my Wonderful Husband even more. Mine know that if someone other than THEM pulls their teeth, they get less money. Not that the tooth fairy in these parts gives them much to begin with, but they aren't willing to lose any other those pennies...


Ed McGoldrick said...

Just yesterday, my wife was also all panicking because our 9-year-old daughter also pulled her loose tooth by herself. I'm guessing that it's just my wife and her fear of blood. For my part, I was a bit comfortable for some reasons. Maybe because I also pulled my own loose teeth (two of them) when I was still a little kid. Besides, here in Colorado Springs, CO, dentists are very accessible should anything happen.

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