Friday, November 23, 2007

Neither Tide Nor Time Waits for Man

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had! We spent it with my side of the family, which made it even more special. You see, as a child, we always spent Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family and Christmas with my mom's side of the family. There have been a few Thanksgivings during the decade I've been married to Superman that we have spent Thanksgiving day with his family. They're nice people. They cook great food. And I like them, really, I do! But, I always felt heart-sick being away from my dad's side of the family. I guess it's one of those give and takes you just have to get used to once you get married. You can only be in so many places in one day, right?

Thankfully, Superman is a wonderful man! And thankfully, as long as his tummy is full, he really doesn't care where he spends the holidays these day! And thankfully, he loves Nannie, too!

My dad's mom, Nannie, is now in her 90's. I feel a true sense of urgency to spend as much time with her as I can these days. With each holiday I become more and more aware that I can't take for granted the special times I have with her. This photo of us was taken as we sat on the couch and chatted late Thanksgiving night. We were reminiscing about raising our boys, as usual. She is known for her funny sayings. My favorite one is one that she quotes when she's tired, "The old gray mare ain't quite what she used to be." It always makes me chuckle when she says it.

She also has a knack for bringing me to tears, as you can tell by the picture. She had just popped out another Nannie-ism and given me the title for this post. Isn't it amazing how much insight and wisdom you can get from your grandparents? It made me stop and think about the quote she recalled, "Neither tide nor time waits for man." It was a bit of food for thought!

When I was younger, Nannie and Paw Paw had a cabin in the mountains. It was a retreat for us away from the rest of the world, and we loved to go. Usually they would load up all 5 grandkids, and off to the mountains we went. I think that is where my love of the mountains comes from. Love of the mountains is one thing that all 5 of us cousins share in common. Maybe that's why we all spend Thanksgiving in the mountains in cabins now that we've grown up. This year, Nannie was able to make the trip! It was one of the best and happiest Thanksgivings I can remember!

Here's KK, second oldest cousin, with Nannie. KK is the most like Nannie. They share looks, height, and stubbornness in common! (Hee! Hee!) When I say they share height in common, I only mean they have similar height... not that they have a lot of height! They're both just a tad over 5 foot tall! KK had on heels (I think) and thus her tall appearance!

We welcomed a precious little newbie to the list of cousins last Thanksgiving. My boys were roaming outside for much of the day, so A-Man was the object of my photographic obsession! Here's one of the gazillion photos I snapped of him with Nannie. He's too cute for words!

Oh, and here's just one of him being adorable...

Don't you just want to eat him up?

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