Wednesday, January 16, 2008


If you can look past the dying pond palms and all the dead leaf debris, you will see a rare sight for those of us living down south!


And I love me some snow!

About 15 minutes ago my phone rang. When Superman announced that it was Nana Mae, I thought to myself, "What on earth is wrong?" Panic struck me, and my heart began to race. Then I heard Superman's startled voice say, "Snow?!?!"

With that, the boys and I made a mad dash to the door. I never even had a chance to talk to Nana. But that's OK! Nana and I have this unspoken code between us. Anytime there is snow, we call each other. Sometimes it's like tonight, as a way to let each other know that it's snowing, and to look outside. Sometimes it's like this past Thanksgiving. I was in the mountains with my dad's side of the family. We woke up the morning after Thanksgiving to see a blanket of white. Of course, my first thought was to grab my phone and call Nana.

So I did!

At 7 a.m.!

And we giggled and chatted about the snow! Even though she wasn't there to see it, she got excited with me.

Because that's how our unspoken code works!

Yep, I love me some snow!

And so does Nana!

1 comment:

Sara Mincy said...

How fun! I wish we would get just a little bit of the white stuff! Have a good day!

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