Wednesday, December 19, 2007

O Christmas Tree (and lights), O Christmas Tree (and lights)

If I ever get a chance, I plan on participating in BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes. It started Monday, so I'm about 2 days late. If you know me personally, then it should come as no surprise that I am running late! If you don't know me personally, don't hold your breath on me actually getting my ducks in a row and being able to post a complete tour of my home in all it's Christmas glory!

I have managed to get a few shots of the outside and of our Christmas tree.

Here is the yard:

And here is a shot of Superman's shed: (For more on his shed, click here.)
Now on to the indoors. The boys have a tree in their room. They decorate it themselves, and anything goes. The big tree in the living room is ours/mine. I'm using it as a teaching tool for the boys. I've taught them that when they grow up and have wives, it is their duty to let their wife have one tree that she can decorate however she sees fit! It can be frilly or prissy or girly or gaudy- whatever their wives want, because it's hard being the only girl in a house!

I did let the boys have there way by using colored lights, that's my way of teaching democracy. I was out numbered in votes, 3-1! The majority ruled!

Our/my tree is covered in blown glass ornaments. I used to think that they were the gaudiest things ever, but somewhere along the way they grew on me! I guess it could be worse. My boys could be forced to look at an all-pink tree! Hey, there's an idea! I also put ornaments that my children have made for me on the tree. Those are my very, very favorite!

Here is our tree:
(For more on our tree, click here and here.)

The star is tin punched. Superman figured out how to fill the inside with white lights and hang it from the ceiling. Add that to my list of why I love that man!Some of my favorite ornaments:
Blue Boy
Santa taking a bubble bath (I have a thing for bubble baths!)
An elf bootie

And I saved the very best for last...

One C made in pre-school

One W made in pre-school

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for the card. Adorable! Oh, and your Blue Boy and Pinkie ornaments make me feel young again. My mom, my sister and I (Daddy wasn't the decorating type) put our Christmas tree up in the living room when I was growing up and in that room were the huge pictures of Blue Boy and Pinkie. I may have to find out where you got them and purchase some for myself...just for old time's sake.

Merry Christmas!

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