Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Superman's Shed

I know this isn't the most focused of pictures. I was freezing to death outside, and just couldn't hold the camera still enough for the amount of time the shutter needed to be open. But oh well, you get the idea. Right?

This is a picture of Superman's shed. You know, his man cave. The place he goes for a little male sanity. The place that has no need for insulation or pluming, but is outfitted with surround sound and a flat screen mounted on the wall! And a refrigerator!

Where was I? Oh yeah, my wonderful Superman was more like a Grinch when we got married. He just wasn't the type of guy that celebrated holidays, much less decorated for them. Boy what a difference a decade can make! Just last month, he put up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving arrived. He also did all of the ordering with the North Pole for this year. And what did my eyes behold yesterday when I pulled into the driveway? It was Superman on a ladder turning his shed into his annual gingerbread house masterpiece.

I get tickled when I think about how much he's changed. Sometimes I chuckle to myself, but this week he made me laugh. Out loud. Until I cried! He was huffing and puffing and snorting and stomping, and I had no clue what was wrong. When I inquired as to what the problem was, I was informed that some of his colored lights for the shed weren't working. Thinking I could come to the rescue and save the day, I offered him 4 fresh, new boxes of sparkly, white lights.

To say that he wasn't interested in my white lights would be putting it mildly. It's more like he rolled his eyes and looked at me as if I was the tackiest, no-light-hanging human being that he'd ever laid eyes on. As if I had no clue how to decorate correctly for the holidays. As if I had just broken ALL 10 Commandments of Holiday Decor!

He turned his nose up to me and retorted, "if they aren't colored lights then it won't look like a gingerbread house!" And I'm sure there was an inaudible "Duh!?!?!?!?!" at the end of his sentence. I was dumbfound! I was flabbergasted! I was in shock! But when I finally realized that I had just been corrected as to the proper way to decorate for the holidays, I picked myself up off the ground.

And I laughed.

And well maybe I laughed just a bit harder.

OK, maybe if I'm perfectly honest, I laughed until I was snorting and crying all at the same time!

But God, I love that man!

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inspired said...

My Wonderful Husband wants to know does he REALLY have a flat screen in there?? With our without air conditioning??


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