Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Card Explanation

This is a copy of the Christmas card our family sent out this year. Isn't it cute! That was my initial thought! We sent out about 200 cards and have managed to create quite a bit of chatter. Unfortunately the chatter isn't positive and it isn't about how sweet my joys look. It's not about their sparkly, little eyes! It's also not about how festive the card is. It's not even about the fact that the picture was taken at the Clemson vs. USC game in which my beloved Tigers beat the Gamecocks 23-21. (Remember our "not good" seats!?!)

Somehow, my witty little "A House Divided" phrase under our names, has created buzz that Superman and I are getting divorced??? And announcing it on our Christmas cards??? OOPS!

So let me explain... I grew up a Tiger. My parent's house is about 4 miles from Death Valley. Even if the Tigers weren't the best team around, I'd still have loved them, because they pretty much played ball in my backyard. Superman, on the other hand, has been a semi-dedicated Gamecock. He only became a true fan about a decade ago. And that was only so that he could give me and my beloved Tigers a hard time.

Our oldest joy is a Tiger! I raised him well! However, somewhere along the way, Superman managed to brainwash my littlest joy into pulling for the Gamecocks! It's a travesty! And my heart breaks a little bit each day!

Where we live, your family is called "A House Divided" if members of your family pull for opposing teams. I thought it was cute to use that catch phrase on our Christmas cards, because of what the boys were wearing, and because the photo was taken at the Clemson/USC game. It was just a simple little Dana-ism! I had no clue my poor Nana Mae was going to start getting phone calls from family members thinking we were getting divorced!

One more time, let me set the record straight...I am married to the sweetest, hottest, strongest, bestest man in the world! He cooks better than me! He lets me stay home with our boys! He's gorgeous! He sends me shopping when he thinks I'm stressed out! He takes out the trash! He spoils me! Did I mention that he's gorgeous?!?! As I tell him on a daily basis, I'm keeping him forever! We are "A House Divided" in terms of FOOTBALL only!

And even if he wasn't such a gorgeous male specimen, I'd still keep him!

Because he's an awesome cook!

And he's strong!

And he's the best daddy in the world, next to my own daddy!

Oh, I got lucky!

And...where was I? Sorry for getting a bit sidetracked. That's what happens when I talk about Superman. Well, let me be honest, I get sidetracked just thinking about Superman!

Anyway, here were the two Christmas card possibilities I printed and narrowed it down to for this year:

(And the second option really looked like a complete rectangle. I just got a little happy with the post-it note trying to cover up our names!)

They were both cute cards! The boys were both actually looking at the camera in each photo! But, for some strange reason, I decided to think outside the box for this year's card. I always do a card with a picture of the boys and Santa. This year I wanted something a little different. I thought I'd do something a little less predictable. I'd shake things up a bit this year! Well, I guess I accomplished my goal! I shook things up!

Sorry Nana!

Merry Christmas!


inspired said...

Oh You are too funny! I thought you title was quite clever! I read your post to My Wonderful Husband and we had a good chuckle! Could you imagine someone announcing their impending divorce on a Christmas cards??? I think that could only happen to you!! Bless your heart!

Merry Christmas to your "divided" house!!


Ernst said...

When I recieved your card that was the farthest thing from my mind. However it could be because we are a house divided also. 2 clemson and 2 carolina-(what do they think)

Anonymous said...

Ha! When I got your card, I have to admit I was thinking, "What?!?" when I read it. Then after studying the picture and remembering your blog about this subject I got it. We are a house divided also. Boys love Clemson, girls pull for the Gamecocks. We're outnumbered, but my girl will be an official Gamecock in a couple of there!


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