Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Not Good" Seats

If my beloved Tigers had lost on Saturday night, I would have probably lost all interest in posting anything to do with the game. But, since they won by one point in the last 3 seconds of the game, and I'm still floating on Cloud 9, I've decided it's better for me to post my thoughts than it is for me to share them with my Gamecock loving Superman! (If you're reading this Superman, I love you! Here's a picture to remind you...)
This game was the 10-year-anniversary of my first football game with Superman (and by the way, the Tigers won that game, too). So, it was a special night for us. We had hoped to be able to buy tickets for the game, but you know how state rival games can be. We weren't holding our breath. But just a couple days before the game, someone we knew offered to sell us 4 tickets. We jumped at the chance, never knowing just how sweet the seats would be. In fact, we were told that the seats were not good seats. Here was my view from those "not good" seats...

Superman and W claimed the tickets on the 3rd row, because they were the "Home Field" team. And C and I had to sit way back on the 4th row! On the 10-yard-line. On our 10-year-football-game-anniversary! Is it just me, or are you noticing a pattern here? (And yes, I will find any excuse to celebrate an anniversary!)

This was my view of my littlest joy, the Gamecock...from our "not good" seats.

And who is this that I spied on the Gamecock sidelines from my "not good" seats? It's none other than wrestling legend, Ric Flair. Say it with me now, WWWHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

And this is how close I was to my beloved Tigers in my "not good" seats!

This is how intently my little Tiger watched the game from our "not good" seats.

And here I am with my little Tiger in our "not good" seats, freezing to death under 29 layers of clothing, but still wearing our smiles!

This is what it looks like from "not good" seats when you kick the winning field goal as the last three seconds of the game tick off the clock!

And you start to celebrate!

And then 50 of your closest buddies come out and help you celebrate a little more!

My poor littlest Gamecock joy tried to put on a brave face!

He even demonstrated good sportsmanship!
But despite it all, he couldn't hide his disappointment.

Maybe they really were "not good" seats, because it sure was hard for my baby to see his team lose up close and personal!
Sorry baby boy! There's still time to convert you to Tigerism before next season! I'll keep trying! This mama Tiger loves you!


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