Monday, September 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Produces Joy

It's been a hard day. I really wanted to whine a bit and wallow in my own self-pity, but then I came across this picture of us from before we were married. I had one of those moments where I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. That's when it hit me... not today- no pity party for me. I had the power to speak joy or sadness into my spirit. I decided to choose joy!

My wonderful, handsome, amazing superman is working out of town this whole week. We've been married almost 10 years and this is only the 3rd job he's taken out of town (that required him to stay overnight) in our entire marriage. And the strong-willed, feisty, independent college gal in the picture above no longer exists. She is blissfully dependent upon her phenomenal husband!

Originally, I was excited about this particular job. It's about 20 minutes from my parent's house (and about 10 miles from where the picture of us was taken.) The boys and I were going to drive up for part of the week, but the job date changed, and we couldn't fit it in with all of the homeschool activities we had scheduled for this week. OK, enough of the whinny details...onto the joy!!!

Instead of whining that I won't have my superman to keep me warm in bed tonight, I'm going to be thankful I have two mini-supermen to help fill up our king-sized bed!

Instead of whining that my superman is out of town for a week, I'm going to be thankful I have a husband who loves me enough to take his crew out of town to do a job that benefits me and our mini-supermen.

Instead of whining that I don't feel as
safe when my superman isn't home to
protect me, I'm going to turn on the
alarm and be thankful superman installed a new surveillance system before going out of town... and that superman has trained his mini-supermen how to protect their mama!

Instead of whining that the house feels empty and nothing feels "quite right" when my superman isn't here, I'm going to choose to be thankful that the "empty, not right" feeling reminds me of our wedding. One of the scriptures was "...and they two shall be one flesh" Ephesians 5:31. No wonder I feel like part of me is missing!

Instead of whining that I'm left to take care of everything when he's gone, I'm going to remember that I'm blessed with these responsibilities. It means my superman has enough faith in me and my abilities to entrust his most precious possessions to my care when he's away! I'm going to snuggle up to his little mini-supermen tonight, and with all the joy that being thankful has produced in my heart, I will tell them just how much I love them and their superman daddy!

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