Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Inner Shopping Maniac

I love a good deal! Sometimes they get me in trouble, though. I tend to over do it when I come across a good deal. It's like a shopping maniac takes control of my body and next thing you know I've spent twice what I expected to spend, and bought ten times the amount of what I went shopping for.

The deal I found today doesn't make for a shopping maniac tale, oh no! I only bought double what I intended to buy! See! This couldn't possibly compare! Not at all!

A few weeks ago, I shocked some of you with my culinary greatness by preparing my first turkey. Then I went on to rave about how awesome The Pioneer Woman's blog is, because that's where I learned to bake a turkey. My first turkey was so yummy that I volunteered to bake the Thanksgiving turkey when our family gathered in the mountains.

For the Thanksgiving turkey, I bought the Williams-Sonoma turkey brine recommended by The Pioneer Woman. The sheer explosion of flavors infused in that turkey due to the Williams-Sonoma turkey brine is unexplainable. I mean, I'm not one to be at a loss for words, but I truly can not find the right words to tell you just what a difference their brine made. Due to the sweet comments from the real cooks in the family, I decided I would let them in on my secret and give them a set of brining bags along with a jar of brine for Christmas.

At Williams-Sonoma today, I found out that they are phasing out their inventory of the Apple and Spices Turkey Brine and replacing it with a Citrus and Herb Brine. Now, I'm sure their Citrus and Herb brine will be fabulous, but I already know their Apple and Spices blend is enough to render me speechless. Because they are phasing out the Apple and Spices blend, it was on clearance for $7.99. Not bad considering the regular price was $16.50 (and worth every penny!)

Let's just say I almost allowed my inner shopping maniac to take control, but lucky for Superman they only had four jars left in stock. I had originally planned to buy two jars. Of course I bought all four. But hey, that was only double what I had planned to buy! Right?!?!

So, if you're drooling for some of the brine to make an unforgettable Christmas turkey, and your Williams-Sonoma is sold out like my local one now is, here's what you do...pre-pay at the sold out store for however many jars you want to buy. They will then have a store that is not sold out to mail your order to your home. You pay their catalog shipping fee- which is dirt cheap!

Here's an example. Let's say you want to order a dozen jars (12x$7.99=$95.88). The shipping on orders totaling $95.01-$150.00 is only $16.50. In other words, you can order a dozen jars at less than half their original price, and only pay what one original price jar would have cost as the shipping. (By the way, one jar is enough to brine a 20lb. turkey.)

And how do I know all of this you ask?

Well, because I asked.

At the store today.

When I bought all the brine they had in their inventory.

And then considered ordering more.

A dozen more.

Because I almost let the shopping maniac take control today.

But I didn't.



Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Long live the shopping maniac!!


Patriot said...

Just wanted to thank you for coming by and entering my giveaway last week! I host a new giveaway every Monday so feel free to come back often! Thank you again!

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