Saturday, November 3, 2007

What a Girl NEEDS

Yesterday I was overcome with the NEED to go to Sam's and buy this...

Because as you know, my middle name is Betty Crocker, and I NEEDED a roasting pan.

Because I roast things all the time.

Because I'm in the kitchen cooking all the time.

And thus I justified my NEED of said roasting pan to Superman, and off to Sam's I went.

Well, to be perfectly honest, Superman did question what else I NEEDED to buy from Sam's that caused me to NEED to go shopping at 7 P.M on a Friday night.

And I answered truthfully..."Salt!"

Because we all know that anyone who cooks enough to NEED a roasting pan also needs salt enough to merit buying it in 4 pound boxes! Right?

So, I went to Sam's for salt and for this...

And I came home with said roasting pan and salt and this...and this... and this...

Because you know that anyone who NEEDS a roasting pan and a 4 pound box of salt also NEEDS two Professional-grade knives, an industrial pot, and two whisks! Right?

But lucky for me, Superman knows me well and had expected as much!

And lucky for Superman, I know him well! And I was sure to put my new gadgets to good use today! (Yipee! My FIRST turkey ever!)


inspired said...

OH! I am so proud of you! That is a beautiful turkey!!! Now Superman can see that giving you what YOU need always translates to him getting what HE needs! :)


HILLARY said...

Hi. Hope you don't mind. Came across you from My favorite - the pioneer woman. I want to be her. I wanted to see your turkey and I saw your knives. I have them, also. They are the best. The cut everything. And 12$ to boot! I love sam's club. I think I have to go get the roasting pan, now. I'm planning on a Pioneer Woman Thanksgiving.
By the way, did you make your brine or buy it?
Thanks for letting me stop by!!

DanaB said...

WHOOHOO!! Bravo to you, that looks great!!

I SO understand the 'NEEDS' LOL!


Chele said...

Okay ~ it's 2:47 AM Saturday morning and I'm ROFLOL ~~ please stop with all the hiliarity you're gonna make me cry and then I'll wake all of the boys -- HAVE MERCY.

Your birdzilla aka turkey does look simply delicious!!! So, um, why weren't Inspired and me invited to dine with you and the Superman? :-)

Considering the first time I met you, you proclaimed that you didn't cook and that all the take out places were speed-dialed in your phones, you've come a long way baby!!!! YOU KEEP ON COOKING....Look out Martha, here comes your rival -- Dana!!

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