Monday, February 14, 2011

365: Days 37-43

I think this is the first time I've ever decorated for Valentine's Day.
You can read the how-to's here.
I've worked really hard to try and grow the meetings for our homeschool group's small group in our town.
We have about 80 families in our group, with small group meetings in several different towns.
I'm hosting meetings once a month in my town, and tonight we had our highest attendance of the year!
So freakin' excited!The littlest joy and I dipped every fruit we could get our hands on in melted chocolate that I had left over from last night's meeting.
What a wonderful day!
The days are few and far between when EVERYTHING seems to go as planned, but when we have one of those days, I rejoice!
I'm thankful for so many things.
I'm thankful for a husband who knows that the greatest desire of my heart is to be at-home actively raising our children.
I'm thankful for how hard he works to make that dream possible!
I'm thankful for the years of training I've been able to put into our boys.
I'm exceeding thankful for nights like tonight when I can SEE the fruits of that labor!
I'm thankful for the time I get to spend with them.
I'm thankful for children that WANT to spend time with us...
even if that time is spent working in the kitchen!
Feeling so very blessed!I really need all of these sweets out of the house!
These were left over from Monday's meeting.
Well, to be honest, I actually stashed them away for the boys.
A little 'thank you' to them for helping me get everything in order before the meeting.I had to pick up a new soundtrack to sing at church on Sunday, and while at the store we picked up another CD set.
Do your kids listen to them?
They are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
The joys listen to them a lot at night when going to sleep.
By putting in a CD instead of a DVD, the room can stay cozy and dark.
Perfect for drifting off to sleep.Tried my hand at making the soup I love so much at our local Mexican restaurant.
It was actually pretty close!
Working on a little sewing project.
Doesn't this fabric just ooze happy?
Cameron helped me pick it all out at the fabric store.
We decided that we had the happiest buggy in the whole place!

1 comment: said...

wanna share that recipe? it looks yummy!
i'm your new follower- fellow homeschool mom from florida!
i'd love to hear more about your homeschool group & how you meet - what your meetings entail...
oh, and what are you up to with the sewing project? looks lovely & lively!

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