Monday, February 21, 2011

365: Days 44-50

Whew! Am I the only one having trouble uploading pics to Blogger?
It took an hour to upload these...
Superman has the flu.
He's pitiful!
He thought these would make him feel better.
(Have you ever read what's in them?)
Needless to say, they didn't help.
Cameron is his sign language co-op class.
He loves it!2/15/11
After 13 years married to Superman (18 in all), we've celebrated Valentine's Day all sorts of ways.
This year he had the flu and I had an upper respiratory infection.
We were both in bed early.
Nyquil + antibiotics= Very Romantic
But tonight, I had the best Valentine's gift ever- Superman went to Target for me and picked up the littlest joy's prescription, so I didn't have to go.
And he came home with me some chocolate!
He knows my love language!2/16/11
The littlest joy had his tonsils and adenoids removed today.
Hopefully this will help with his sleep apnea.2/17/11
So happy he's sleeping today.
He was so hyped up after his surgery, that he hardly slept.
With the oldest joy at Grammy & PawPaw's for the week, the littlest joy has been able to recuperate in Cameron's room.
To say that he's enjoyed access to satellite and video games is an understatement.
I'd say he's enjoying the special treatment! 2/19/11
Not wanting to be redundant, but this is what the latter part of our week has consisted of- one sleepy-headed little fella.


Renee said...

Hope you're all better now. Ethan's sleep apnea is 100% better since he had his tonsils and adenoids removed. His voice is also higher!

Dana D said...

We are all so much better now!
Thank goodness!
Wyatt even ate a little bit of real food today!

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