Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21~

Have you ever tried making The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls?  They are so good that Superman gave me lots and lots of smooches as I was trying to take the first pan out of the oven.  Oh, my!  They really are THAT good!

But consider yourself forewarned!  The recipe makes a ton of cinnamon rolls! 
As in, two pans this size!


Southern Gal said...

That's why you have to freeze them! I have two round pans still in my freezer from before Christmas. Want some more?

Just Breathe said...

I have heard great things about these rolls. They look wonderful.

Dana D said...

Renee~ You are right! I wish I would have thought to freeze some! But Superman keeps raving about how much he's loving them, so they aren't going to waste.

Debby~ They are super-duper yummy! You aught to try them! And, by the way, thank you for linking back to my peanut butter blondies! You are a dear!

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