Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22~

I've decided that in order to take a picture a day, I'm going to need to make this a family project!  I'm terrible at making decisions.  I've found myself unsure of which picture should be our POTD.  Tonight I enlisted my sweet Cameron to help me, since he was the focus of today's photos.  Above is the one he chose.  He said he liked it because it had all 3 of his creations in the picture!  (He didn't care that is was blurry, so why should I?) 
The parrot he made for Superman, our beloved Parrot head!

I've often told this sweet boy that God must have loved me a whole lot to have given me a child as precious as him!  He is so thoughtful and kind.  He wears his heart on his sleeve, and often has his feelings hurt.  That is sometimes harder for me than it is for him.  Lord, I love my boys!  They truly are my joys!

The helicopter is the K'Nex he built for his brother.
Please Lord, let him always love his brother enough to want to do sweet things for him.  Help me instill in them the desire to be their brother's keepers.
The daisy he built for me.  Am I blessed or what?  My sweet boy already knows his mama's favorite flower!  Please Lord, help me to be observant to his needs, as he is already observant to what his mama needs.  He is so quiet that I sometimes worry that I'm not hearing what he needs me to hear.  Open my ears, Lord.

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