Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Photos from the Mountains...

At heart, I am a mountain girl.
Superman thinks he's funny, and says that means I'm a hillbilly!
But I know better!
I grew up close to the mountains.
And, I cherish the memories of time spent at my grandparent's cabin.I love old barns.

And I love to see animals grazing in fields.
With views like this, it's impossible to take a bad picture!
Oh, what I would do to have beautiful flowers like this in my yard.
But, alas, it's too hot and dry at home!
I'd spend a fortune in water!On the way to see Grandfather Mountain, we spotted this sweet, little church.
Another thing I love about the mountains is how many things you see made from stone.The sight of Grandfather Mountain took my breath away.Can you see the little line between the two peaks?
That's a bridge!
That people actually walk across!
But not me!
I'm a little too chicken for that!
They say it moves with the wind as you're walking across!We stayed in a sweet, little community.
There were lots of retired people living there.
This was the speed limit:Funny, huh?
But, it's my favorite number, so I had to take a picture!


Michelle said...

breath taking pictures. Been a while since I've stopped by. I got kinda lazy over the summer. Caught up on your post...beautiful one on Daddy Roberts..sorry for your loss!

The Hoffman Family said...

Absolutley beautiful pictures!!!

Laryssa Herbert said...

What beautiful photos!

Thanks for leaving a comment at Heaven In The Home and for all your sweet compliments about my artwork. :-)

I'll be having new designs coming out for fall and for Christmas so please check back often!

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