Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Drag Racing

A couple of weeks ago The Godfather came into town. He and Superman took the boys to N.C. for a day of testosterone-filled NHRA Qualifying. Superman asked me just tonight if I'd posted the pictures on the blog yet. Oops! I've been a little busy, and just hadn't gotten to it yet. Well, with Superman (and all of his hotness) sitting right beside me to educate me on just what he used my camera to take photos of... here goes!

Here are the joys with Dave Grubnic. He's from Australia. I love to hear him talk when he's interviewed. He drives a Top Fuel Dragster. They run about 315 mph down a 1000 foot track.

The oldest joys said that when the Top Fuel Dragsters took off, it made his ears tickle!
This is a Funny Car body. Look how tiny that car is compared to my 8-year-old and 10-year-old.
I like Cory Mac. I don't really know why, but I like him. I love to hear the announcers call out his name. Isn't that a wonderful reason to love a driver? (Considering I love Tony Stewart because he's the Home Depot driver, I guess I should own up to having strange reasons for liking people/teams!) By the way, Cory Mac's real name is Cory McClanathan. Superman, the King of Autograph Collecting, just informed me that when Cory Mac signs for you, he only writes: "Cory Mc".
My most favorite driver is below. The joys didn't get to meet her or get her autograph. She's the spawn of Drag Racing's Most Winningest Driver, John Force. That makes her a little difficult to have the opportunity to meet. She's in high demand.

She's also really FAST! She's a Funny Car driver. She typically runs around 300 mph down a 1000 foot track. It takes about 4 seconds for her to get from one end of the track to the other. In other words, blink twice and she's finished!

One of her sponsors is Castrol.

She's terribly cute! She's always smiling! Watching her family's reality show, "Driving Force" made us all fans! I like her a lot! Although I try not to encourage it, my boys like her a lot, too! They think she's "a hottie". (Here is a photo of her from her website.)

So, Ashley Force, if you're reading this, my boys will be back in Charlotte next year! It would really make their day to get to meet you and take a picture with you!

Here is a photo of the boys with Angelle Sampey. She rides Pro-Stock motorcycles. I really, really don't like her! When I was first forced to watch drag racing, I thought she was adorable! That was about three last names ago. Superman keeps getting her updated autograph, because she tends to go through a lot of last names!

And I know that most of you reading our little family blog don't know or care about drag racing, so please forgive me for this little rant (after all, I am the sole writer on this blog, so it's my privilege)--- but when you have to use the quote, "I'm just too fast for the light" in every interview in which you've red-lighted and lost the race, then it might be your starts that need fixing- not the light!

This little cutie is Karen Stoffer. She rides Pro-Stock motorcycles, too. They go almost 200 mph down a 1/4 mile track-- in like 7 seconds!

She does NOT whine about being too fast for the light! She's my new favorite motorcycle driver!

The joys came home with dozens of autographs! They were so proud! They've started autograph notebooks that I'll feature later! Lord help me, our house is overflowing with Superman's collection. I can't imagine another decade worth of autographs when ALL THREE of them have collections!


Anonymous said...

you did a good job, now come to bed and rub my legs

inspired said...

Wow! Almost too much information there with the other comment!! Can't wait until we are book shopping!!


Dana D said...

You are too funny! Superman was frustrated with the amount of time I had spent on the computer! He needed a leg rub and some attention! (Not in a TMI sort of way-- hahahaha!)

Shannon said...

A young boys total dream day! :)

Michelle said...

looks like fun...my son would love that!

Michelle said...

looks like fun...my son would love that!

johnsmith said...

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Kim said...

Okay, I was about to comment - But totally forgot what it was after I read the first comment!! Hahaha, I don't know why it's even that funny!! But I got tickled and just don't remember where I was going with my thoughts!

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