Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Today's Dramedy

Having a much better day today! We got our school work done and headed out on a few errands. Our last stop was the oil changing place. I should have known I was in for a little drama when the owner looked at me and laughed as I pulled in, questioning me as to how many THOUSAND miles I was overdue this time.

3,000 miles overdue, thank you very much! But I love me some John Force, and I love me some Castrol Syntec, so it was OK! But that's a whole different post that my gorgeous superman will have to write... on to the adventure with my little joys as we waited in the office area.

And here's how the conversation progressed...
W-"Hey Mama, I see a snake!" as he peered through the door separating us from the garage area.
Dana D- "What?!?!" with a shriek loud enough to cause chuckles in the waiting area.
C- "Yeah Mama, I see it too... but it's not real."
C- "Really! Really!" (trying to calm me)
W- "Really!" (trying to hide his frustration with me)

With this, the sweet fella working in the office area walked into the garage area, picks up, AND WIGGLES this black piece of tire cut out to look like a heart-attack inducing cotton mouth.

So... anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I'm just a teensy-bit dramatic... thus causing me to involuntarily cover my eyes and shiver and shake and shriek and... well surely you can visualize the rest!

So I looked at my little men with my best damsel-in-distress, helpless look and said, "Mommy doesn't like snakes, not even fake ones." (sigh)

And my youngest little joy, the one that might look like his daddy--but acts like his mama, piped in with an eye-rolling, ever-so-dramatic, "Yeah, we know!" (sigh)

This caused me to utter my typical W response as of late.
"Son, you are your daddy's boy!"

...but the drama-turned-comedy doesn't end just yet- oh no!

My oldest little joy, the one that looks like his mama--but acts like his daddy, piped in with an ever-so sincere, "And I'm mama's boy-- I'm scared of snakes, too!"

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