Monday, September 29, 2008

For My Long-Legged Boy

My oldest joy has been asking me, numerous times, why I haven't posted the pictures of his 'cards'.These cards...So because I love him (and because I can't find the charger for my camera and am unable to download any photos of the happenings in our household) I'm posting his picture!

But I really don't like trading cards!

At all!

But I've indulged him in this stage:
And this stage:
Not to mention this stage: And this stage, too:
So here's to keeping my promise to post a picture of his 'cards' on the blog- and to hoping that this stage will pass quickly!

*I'll post more once I can charge my camera!


Michelle said...

boys are funny about their interest...their hobbies usually last pretty long and just when you think they are through with it...they drag it back out...

Great pics..

inspired said...

Oh Man! I thought you were going to post the cards he MADE! Tell Him that is the post I am waiting to see!


(Glad to see you back...I was beginning to think you had forgotten how to use the computer! HEE HEE)

superpaige said...

Oh, the cards. We went through the Pokemon cards, and the Yugio cards and the what not. But we're out of that, now.

And I love the colored mokawk stage. What a good lookin' boy!

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