Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Three Weeks

So we have finished our first three weeks of school, and I'm so excited! I truly feel like this is going to be our best year of homeschooling yet!
The joys are INTO school this year! And I'm so proud of them!
I think the biggest difference this year is a few changes I decided upon at the end of school last year. We were in an unorganized, hectic mess- and I didn't like it! Life felt like it was spiraling out of control! My Nana had just passed away, and I found myself reassessing what was truly important in life. I felt that we were way too busy!And I was ready to SLOW down! So I set myself to the task of cutting back on our running here and there! This year we are only participating in the classes, activities, and appointments that we deem IMPORTANT and NECESSARY!Oh what a difference that has made! I feel less stressed! Superman is receiving more home-cooked meals! And the boys seem much more content! We still are having to leave home for OT, PT, and speech appointments. But, we are well on our way to becoming Happy Homebodies!Have I mentioned that I love homeschooling?
Or our NEW schedule?

Or my wonderful family?

Life is good!


Anonymous said...


So glad to hear school is going so well this year. If there was only one thing I could share with home schoolers, it would be to not get caught up in the 'doing' mode. Slow down and enjoy being at home! Looks like you've discovered the 'joys' of that approach. Good for you! Most have to get bogged down for a year or two first and then try it out of desperation...I know I did.


Michelle said...

Hey...I thought about homeschooling this year but changed my mind...actually my mother was going to do it..she is a retired teacher.

Crab Catchers is the best...are ya'll local there...we visit the beach all the time...I'm in Florence SC

Kim said...

I am so impressed with everyone that home schools! Keep it up! I {on the other hand} live for that 4 hour break I get on Tues and Thurs with my 3 year old and 2 year olds! hehe

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