Friday, September 5, 2008

100 Things ~ 100th Post

1.I am a complete and total introvert
2. forced to live in the body of an extrovert.
3. I love Jesus
4. my sweet Superman
5. and my children
6. more than life itself.
7. I cry at the drop of a hat.
8. I laugh too loud
9. a lot!
10. I have strange food issues.
11. I won't eat meat on a bone.
12. I only like vanilla
13. or cookies-n-cream ice cream.
14. I only like chocolate if it is in chip
15. or candy bar form.
16. My favorite food on the planet is turnip greens
17. with vinegar
18. preferably from Cracker Barrel.
19. I love to bake.
20. I don't like to cook.
21. I couldn't go an entire day without sweet tea
22. or contact with Superman
23. our the joys.
24. I don't like talking on the phone,
25. folding towels,
26. or taking out the trash.
27. I love to do laundry,
28. but it never seems to be finished.
29. I love to give kisses,
30. and receive them,
31. and hold my children on my lap
32. but they're almost too big for me to hold.
33. I'm a lover
34. not a fighter!
35. Unless I'm really mad!
36. Which isn't too often.
37. I struggle
38. like most moms
39. with letting go
40. of my joys,
41. because time truly flies
42. when you're having fun.
43. And now I want to cry
44. just thinking about it.
45. So, I'll change the subject.
46. I'm good at that!
47. I love the snow
48. but don't like to be cold.
49. I sleep with a wool blanket every night
50. even in the summer
51. and sometimes have an electric blanket on top of it!
52. I don't like sweat!
53. I don't like to sweat!
54. But, I do like to be warm.
55. I love the ocean,
56. the sand,
57. the sound of the waves and wind crashing against the shoreline,
58. and deep sea fishing.
59. I love the mountains,
60. the smell of fall in the air,
61. apple pies,
62. fresh honey,
63. and porch swings.
64. Breakfast
65. with my family
66. or alone.
67. Holding hands
68. especially with Superman
69. or my children,
70. but my favorite person to hold hands with is Nannie!
71. It reminds me to cherish each moment with those that I love!
72. Speaking of love, I'm in love with Kenny Rogers.
73. Shhh! Don't tell Superman.
74. It might hurt his feelings!
75. I don't like to hurt people's feelings.
76. (Because I'm a lover not a fighter.)
77. My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day,
78. with or without flowers.
79. It's the best day of the year.
80. I really miss playing the piano.
81. I love music
82. of all types
83. especially songs with acoustic guitars,
84. the off-beat,
85. and sweet harmonies.
86. Nothing beats old gospel hymns,
87. sung like The Fairfield Four.
88. They make me smile
89. when I think about them
90. or listen to them.
91. The sound of a train whistle makes me homesick.
92. So does the smell of gasoline,
93. the taste of a Nutty Buddy,
94. or seeing Molly Ringwald on television.
95. Which now makes me think of Colours by Benetton.
96. It was my favorite perfume in junior high
97. and high school
98. but I can't find it for sale anymore.
99. I have a tendency to be long-winded.
100. That's just me!

Thanks for sticking with me for all 100 things! Now you know a lot more about me, and just how strangely this ADHD mind of mine functions!

Love to all,
Dana D


Blissful Nikki said...

Love that! Congrats on your 100th post. Its always fun to learn more about new blog buddies! :)

Oh, and I sleep with 2 blankets every night too, I get really cold in my sleep!

inspired said...

Wow, that may have been a look your mind I wasn't prepared for. I have to agree, you are a lover not a fighter but I do love to see you get to "spittin' nails"! I loved the Fairfield Four! I had never head of them, thanks for sharing!

Now you got me thinking back...Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club...I could quote that movie!!

Thanks for sharing!

inspired said...

I meant "a look INTO your mind" Sorry for the error. I may have still been recovering...

sara's art house said...

Wow- that is a good list! I don't like talking on the phone either :)

chelle said...

Congrats on your 100 post....those were good things about you...

Kim said...

That was a super cool - I feel like I know you!! I also think we might be related!! Over half of those were me!!

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