Monday, January 14, 2008

And These Are the Days of My Life

I'm so sorry that I've been away so long! Life has just been more chaotic than usual!

I've had dozens of ideas floating through my mind. I've stopped and started more post than I can count. But for some reason, the flow wasn't there?!?!

Can you get blogger's block? If so, I have had a severe case!

However, at this very second, I need a place to vent and to whine!

Consider yourself warned, very little creativity to follow...

I took my camera with me to Boys' Club this afternoon, determined to snap some photos to post. When my youngest child came through the craft class I help teach, I forgot to even turn the camera on. When my oldest child came through for his rotation, I remembered to turn the camera on, but quickly found out that my camera lens is broken.

You see, my littlest joy- the one that looks like his daddy, but acts like his mama, bless his heart- well, he's no more capable of sitting still than I am. Unlike me, he likes to do laps from the kitchen to the living room, and sometimes through the bedrooms, in order to run out some of his energy. He also likes to do his laps while skipping, bouncing, jumping, forwards, backwards, crab-crawl-style, etc. This past weekend, I'd warned him to stop running in circles. He then began to gallop in circles. Because we all know, galloping isn't the same as running!

As my littlest joy galloped around the house, I heard a crash. I didn't even have to turn around to know what I heard crashing to the ground.

It was my camera.

My beloved Nikon camera.

The beloved Nikon camera that Superman warned me upon purchasing it, is the last camera he's buying for me.

Because it's the second really nice camera he's bought me in the last decade.

And it's the second really nice camera that my littlest joy has had a hand in breaking.
(That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

For W's 5th birthday, we braved Chuck E. Cheese for his party. He invited some of his friends from school and some of his cousins. It started as a wonderful party, even though we were at Chuck E. Cheese!

I was busy serving pizza and cake to all of the children, so I put my camera down in the case on the floor. When I walked back to pick it up and take some pictures, my camera was sitting in a puddle of Pepsi inside the camera bag. One of the children had knocked their drink over and it had landed in the camera bag... without any of us knowing!

Needless to say, my Canon was fried. We took it to the camera shop on the way home from the party. They sent it off for repairs, only to have it returned with a note saying it would be less expensive to replace it than to repair it!

Superman made me go without a new camera for several months. Until I whined and snotted and snorted and cried and snotted some more.

When he could bare my whining no more, we transitioned to digital.

Unfortunately, I'm most likely now going to be transitioning to disposable!

Bless my own heart!

P.S. Superman doesn't know yet! So let's keep this just between us!

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inspired said...

Oh you poor thing...bless your heart indeed! I will be praying for you as you "transition" to disposable...Has it come to this???


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