Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sweet Skills

You know how every once in awhile your child will blurt out something absolutely brilliant? Something so brilliant that you pat yourself on the back for birthing such a genius!?!?! Well, I just had one of those moments. And obviously had to share...

My little W (the one that looks like his daddy, but acts like his mama- bless his heart) was curled up on the couch and I just couldn't resist snuggling up to him and stealing a few sleepy-headed kisses. As I loved on him, he turned towards me and said, "Mama, you're so sweet I just can't think of a word to say how sweet you are!" Upon hearing this, Superman's head spun around and looked at me in disbelief. He knew he'd just been one-upped by his 7-year-old.

Now, we're a household full of comedians, and I couldn't help but put a little fuel on the fire. I said, "W, you're going to be such a good husband one day. Now you've got to teach Daddy how to say such sweet things." And my brilliant little boy just looked at me and smiled. He knew better than to add anything else... just yet!

We laid on the couch a few minutes longer watching Superman playing his video game. But just as I was getting up to walk out of the room, my sweet little joy looked up with a twinkle in his eyes and said, "Mama, you want me to teach Daddy some of my sweet skills now?"

Yep, he's mine!

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inspired said...

You, help meet, you!! Were you just saying the other day that we need to have monthly help meet meetings so we could remember to be a help meet? Bless your heart!! So, has Superman learned anything yet?

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