Thursday, October 4, 2007

A good read...

Well, there hasn't been a whole lot going on here this week. A lot of baking, schooling, and snuggling, but not much to write about. Fall weather is finally being felt in our neck of the woods. As I sit here today, with the sound of rain hitting the skylights, I'm curled up with my electric blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book. The thought dawned on me that perhaps I should start a new blog category for book reviews. I love to read when time permits. Now that I'm a mom, I gravitate towards non-fiction, educational/motivational type books. I like to read books cover-to-cover. Every once in awhile I come across a book that I read and re-read and re-read.

Last year, I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of those books that I'm still re-reading... almost a year later! I was at a homeschool support group meeting and overheard one mom telling another mom about a book. Yep, I admit I was eavesdropping, and thank goodness I was! I overheard the mom describing the book like this "If you want to know what the Bible has to say about being a wife, you need to read this book. But be prepared. She (the author) really tells it like it is." Upon hearing this, my nosiness could no longer be contained. I interjected myself into the conversation so I could get the scoop on the book. I wanted to know what the Bible said a wife was supposed to do. After all, I was sure I was doing it all right already. Reading this book would just give me an excuse to pat myself on the back. Right? I was so wrong!

So, have I peaked your interest yet? I hope so, because it's one of the best books I've ever read. I've recommended it time and time again. I've even given away lots of copies. And even though this may sound corny, this book truly changed my life. The book is Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl, and here is my first book review...

It is written from a woman's perspective, a wise woman's perspective. And amazingly enough, although she did open my eyes to many areas in my life where I wasn't being a help meet, she never offended me. In fact, her words were encouraging! They were a healing balm! As I read her words, I honestly felt like I was lovingly being taught the way God intended a wife to live her life. At the end of her first chapter, she hooked me with this positive affirmation: "The very fact that you are reading this book indicates that your heart's desire is to honor God by becoming a real help meet to your man." (p.24) It was like, at that very moment, she gave me permission to have faults and to have not been a very good help meet. She gave me permission to have made mistakes, and not be perfect. I wanted to keep reading and see what I could learn and how I could grow.

Now, almost a year later, I'm still re-reading this book. I call it "my wife Bible". My dear Superman noticed a change immediately. It changed how I looked at things, how I reacted to situations. Let's just say Superman loves to catch me reading it. In fact, when he worked out of town last month, he told me with a wink that while he was gone, I could pass the time reading "my book". And I did! (And he noticed!)

If you'd like to check this phenomenal book out, here's some information on it.
Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl
No Greater Joy Ministries, Inc.
1000 Pearl Road
Pleasantville, TN 37033

You can also click on the title of this post ("A good read..."), and be linked directly to purchase the book!
Happy Reading!

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inspired said...

Great Review!! I think we should call you "Wonder Woman"!! You can eavesdrop on any of my conversations. Actually, don't even eavesdrop, just "butt in"!!!

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