Friday, September 28, 2007

GFCF Chocolate Chips

Thank you Jesus! Seriously! One thing C has missed while on a GFCF diet is all things chocolate. I bought bags of carob powder, when I first started having to bake things from scratch, and we had some success with carob cake and muffins. C liked them, but it wasn't as appealing to the rest of the family. Lately he's been asking me to find a way to make him soy milk M&M's. Well, I wouldn't know how to make normal M&M's, much less soy milk ones, so I tried to substitute with Skittles. Not exactly the same, but I was trying. However, when strolling through 14-Carrot today, we discovered chocolate chips that are GFCF! Let me say again, "THANK YOU JESUS!" And do you think I cared that they were $4 a bag? Nope! Didn't even bat a mascara-less eyelash!

And why all the excitement? Because look at the joy on my little man's face while enjoying his vanilla soy ice cream with chocolate chips! Nothing soothes the heart quite like chocolate!

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