Saturday, September 22, 2007

Superman Returns

I'm a bit behind, but have some good news to report...SUPERMAN HAS RETURNED!!! He actually came home a day early! He told the guys if they worked over in the afternoons and finished up by Thursday, they could get home and have Friday off with pay. (Yep! He missed us, too!) I know he was happy to get home, but I think the boys were even happier. They decided to decorate the back door with "Welcome Home" signs. I gave them paper, markers, and stickers and they did the rest.

Here's what greeted Superman:

One of C's:
One of W's:
I wish I had a picture of him when he came in the door. He was sweaty and dirty and he looked exhausted, but he was grinning from ear to ear! It was really sweet!

I also wish I had a picture of my contribution (for proof), because this is going to be hard to believe.... I was so happy to have him home, I cooked two dinners. That's right, not one, but TWO dinners! Now, you know I don't even like having to cook one dinner, but on his way home he asked me to make him some spaghetti. Before he called, I had already finished making a new baked chicken recipe that he likes. What was I to do but make him some spaghetti, too! Hey, I missed him that much!


inspired said...

What a Wonderful Helpmeet!!!

Chele said...

Oh my -- you got my eyebrows raising on cooking TWO DINNERS. And they weren't even take out!!!! You go girlfriend. You certainly are a "minister" in all ways that matter!!!! Way to go -- Way to go!!! :-)

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