Monday, September 24, 2007

Aliens at the Museum

We had an awesome time at the state museum this past Friday. Once a month the museum hosts "Homeschool Fridays". There are always really neat classes to take and exhibits to see. It's also nice for the boys to experience a different teacher for a day. They offer morning and afternoon sessions. With Superman back in town, we only made it to one session. The boys were overjoyed to finally get to see the Alien exhibit. They were less enthused to be bothered with a camera-happy mama! Sorry boys! (One day you'll thank me!)

OK, maybe it was only C that was frustrated with his camera-happy mama. As you can see, W is always ready to ham it up for the camera. The iron meteorite was seriously heavy, and the boy was seriously dramatic! Yep, he's mine!

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Amy said...

You're a great writer Dana. Thanks for starting this website. It's so good to stay in better contact with you now! Love- Amy 'Fortner' Nelson

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