Thursday, September 27, 2007

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

In our schedule this school year, we have at least one appointment or class each weekday that requires a ride in the car. Unfortunately, I must have failed to train my children to take their belongings, trash, etc. out of the car when we return home and unload! My car had turned into a veritable dump on wheels. When I could take it no longer, I implemented a few new organizational strategies that have thus far been quite successful. (Except for the fact that they have also inspired a few OCD fits with me applying similar ideas in other areas around the house. And driving poor Superman crazy. I'll have to post some of them later...)
Here's a picture of one project:

It holds all of the things that need to stay in the car (wipes, tissues, v-tech charger, headphones, CD case, TV bags, and I could go on and on). Because I used an old file crate from my teaching days, it didn't cost me a thing. I secured it in the third row by looping the middle seat belt through the holes in the crate. Now I don't have to worry about it flying through the air if I have to slam on brakes.

Note the orange striped fabric covering the crate. I made it myself!!! That was a stroke of sheer genius on my part, and I'm not ashamed to say so. (I promise I'm not vain y'all, keep reading...) You see, I don't sew, unless you count replacing buttons or cross-stitch as sewing! Seriously! I had hoped a pillow case could be used as a liner, but the openings weren't large enough to work. I knew I needed some sort of a liner, because the holes in the sides and bottom of the crate would let little things fall through-- defeating the whole purpose. Here's where the stroke of genius came in... I've put on a few pounds this summer (a few too many vacations, dinners out, and desserts.) What does this have to do with my handy-dandy car organizer idea, you ask? Well, I've noticed some of my tops are getting a bit clingy. I really don't like clingy! Seriously!

And again, I know you're still wondering what on earth this has to do with my car organizer. I'm getting there, I promise! I was rushing to get ready and put on a soft and comfy shirt that I've had forever. (I actually bought two of them that are identical, because they are so comfy!)

Really, I'm getting there... unfortunately, my summer sweet tooth caused my shirt to feel a bit too clingy for this particular day, and I did what any other diet-crazed woman would do. I pulled it off and slung it across the room. But while the shirt was hurling mid-air the creative light bulb in my brain flickered on with this thought,"I didn't like the look of the shirt stretching over my body, but wouldn't it be cute stretched over my crate!!!" With that thought in mind I dashed to the corner, grabbed the shirt off the floor, ran half-dressed through the house to get the crate, and tried it out. (My apologies if you're a visual learner.) And guess what? It worked perfectly! I simply used a few safety pins to close up the neck and arm holes, and voila! See, a stroke of non-sewing genius! I told y'all I wasn't being vain!

And just to prove it really was a I am wearing it! This photo was taken just a couple weeks after I had C. I guess that dates it a bit, but oh well! Superman and I got out for a little child-free time to tailgate with two of my dearest friends from back home, and C got to stay with Grammy and Paw Paw! Good times! GO TIGERS!!!

One last project that made a huge difference: I got rid of all my CD storage containers that held different CDs (and their cases) for the car, and transferred the CDs only into a new CD storage case. The new case stays in the crate. It freed up a lot of space, and got rid of so much clutter!

Hope I've inspired you to do a little bit of organizing!


inspired said...

YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!! What a good use of your "sewing" abilities!!!!!! And to add the picture makes it even better!!! I do love the basket idea. If I didn't have so many seats, I would try it! Maybe I should make one BIG one for the back of the van! The problem is, everyone would have to go back and put the stuff in it!!!

You are terrific!

Marcia said...

Absolutely great idea! I came to visit via Clutter Control Freak.

Organising queen and
Marcia's take charge blog

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