Monday, May 9, 2011

365: Day 58-64

Can you tell that they merely tolerate my camera?
The oldest joy is working hard to get his Bo Kata patch!
Maybe, just maybe, do I have to bite my lip during class to hide the ginormous grin that wants to spread across my whole face!
Sorting produce for our co-op.
A box full of fresh produce for $20.
Try to do that at the grocery store!
Quite possibly the best invention ever.
I'm in love with it!
Did you know that newer cars don't have ashtrays?
That drove me crazy when we had the rentals after the wreck.
Just curious, but if you have a newer car, WHERE do you keep your change?
He saved his money to buy his own guitar.
We're so very proud of him!
And, if it wouldn't make him roll his eyes at me, I'd gush about how cute he is, how well he plays, how much I love him, and how proud on so many levels he makes me- but since it would make him roll his eyes, I won't say any of that!
She is beyond rotten...
and the fur she sheds is driving me nuts!
But, I'm somehow out-voted on the whole animals-in-the-house-thing.

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