Monday, January 10, 2011

Off to a Good Start

Look for weekly updates for our 365 in 2011 on Mondays this year.
That should be much more do-able than posting them daily! 01/01/11
Ringing in the new year!
Tree will be coming down soon and I wanted a shot of the view from outside.
Kinda miss the old house and the big front windows.
Starting the process of allergy and apnea testing with the littlest joy.
Muffin mix in the mini loaf pan was a hit.
A 'hot date' to Home Depot with Superman.
When he heard the camera click he looked at me and said, "You'd better be glad you got that one!"
It drives him crazy when I take pictures in public... normally while shopping with him.
Long, long night with very little real sleep for either of us.
How did I not know about Red Box before tonight?
Superman surprised me by buying me an electric blanket today.
Guess he'll no longer have to hear me beg him to warm up my side of the bed!
Love that man!


The syders said...

Hi There, Love your blog...visiting anf now following via blogFrog x

Jessica said...

Great Blog! I just love electric blankets! :-)

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