Monday, January 24, 2011

365: Days 16-22

I sure love this boy!
He's entering that pre-teen stage that I'm not so fond of, but I'm determined not to lose his heart.
Sure, that means I'm having to adjust some of my strategies of dealing with him.
And there are days when I catch him rolling his eyes at me, and I literally must count to ten in order to hold my temper, and respond kindly.
But, I have no doubt that there is an incredible,responsible, respectful man inside that pre-teen body!01/17/11
I love the car wash, but it had been too cold for me to run the War Wagon thru lately.
With the snow last week, it was a mess and really needed some TLC.
As I snapped this picture, I felt water splash on my hand.
Seconds later, water was gushing in the rear door.
Guess the body work from the wreck needs a little adjustment!
I heard Superman call out, "Honey, come here quick with your camera!"
I assumed the cats were doing something silly.
Not so!
While experimenting with onion rings, Superman noticed a smiley face in the grease.
Love it!
Love it even more that he called me into the kitchen to take a picture.
Lord, I love that man!
Time again to refill Superman's bedside candy jar.
I absolutely love Sparrow & Co. jewelry.
I've posted about previous purchases here.
Her prices are crazy-good.
Here is a link to Missy's website.
Here is a link to her FB Fan Page.
Go check her out, and tell her Dana sent you.
Happy Shopping!01/21/11
I'm playing catch-up, trying to finish my 2010 Project Life book.
But, though I haven't finished it, I'm determined to stay up-to-date on my 2011 edition.
If you don't know about Project Life, it's the brain child of Becky Higgins, and a way to compile all of your photos and stories if you're taking a picture a day.
I'm doing the digital version.
Can't wait to see the final product!01/22/11
The afternoon sun that shines through the backside of our house makes me smile.
I was working in the laundry room and noticed the rays lighting up the 1/2 bath.
Had to snap a picture.
Maybe one day I'll actually get around to photographing our house.
We moved in the beginning of March, and I don't think I've truly photographed any rooms other than the kitchen and the laundry room.
Most likely because those are the rooms I'm normally in!


Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...


Cute bathroom. :) And I love that your husband is encouraging random photos! How sweet!

Michelle said...

Great photos. I switched over to using Windows Live Writer to write my posts {free program} in Blogger. I was getting SO frustrated with the time it took to upload and as a bonus, it allows you to write posts offline and watermark photos.

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