Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 295~

Friday nights are normally date nights around here.
However, Superman has to work tomorrow and we have a family date planned for tomorrow night, so he and I didn't make any plans.
But then I read on FB that the new yogurt shop in our little town was now open, so we had to go!
Well, I had to go!
Superman was not so gung-ho with the idea.
I obviously convinced him to take me!
But, I couldn't convince him to let me take my camera in.
He hates it when I take pictures of random things in public... like gets embarrassed and turns red- sort of hates it!
Bless his heart!
I just couldn't convince him that taking a picture inside the new shop so I could post it here was worth his embarrassment.
Oh well, he took me for a ride around town while we shared a cookies-n-cream waffle cone, and let me take pictures once we got back in the car.
That makes it a hot date, right?

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