Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 253~

Nearly every Friday night, I get a HOT DATE with Superman!
So very thankful that the joys have an amazing grandpa that makes it a priority to spend time with his grandboys... they are, after all, the only grandchildren there are/will be on that side.
Paw Paw Bruce ROCKS!!!
Also super-duper thankful that said quality time with the grands equals hot date time for me and Superman!
And boy howdy- we live it up on Friday nights!
Nothing but the finest for us...
(I kid! I kid!)
We hit the local Mexican joint.
Lately we've shared chile rellenos, and order margaritas or tea.
Like I said, nothing but the finest for us!
Our little Mexican restaurant rocks almost as much as Paw Paw!
Our hot dates cost $20 or less.
We couldn't even go to the movies for $20.
I love Fridays!

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