Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 249~

This area is quickly becoming my newest favorite nook in the house.
In our last home I was hesitant to hang many things on the walls.
We lived there 13 years.
What a waste!
I've already hung lots of things on the walls here, and we only moved in in March.
It feels good!
In June, Superman's grandma gave him this cross-stitched picture.
I almost cried when he opened it.
It hung over his grandpa's desk area for years.
And, was one of the few possessions of his grandparents' that he has ever truly wanted.
If you ever knew his grandpa, you'd know he was very old-school in his thinking concerning women.
But, we were all the better for our experiences with him.
He taught us all so much!
Superman has quoted the poem from this picture to me for years!
"Man wants little, is easy to please.
Woman, bless her heart, wants everything she sees!"
Priceless, huh?
I call that saying a 'Tiny-ism'.
(Superman's grandpa's nickname was Tiny.)
It's just one of the many zingers that wise, sweet man was full of!

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