Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 248~ Historic Charleston, SC

We spent the day after the wedding taking the joys to some of the historic sights in Charleston.
It was 95* outside, and with Charleston's humidity, it felt like over 100*.
But, I was determined to get at least one shot of the boys on the cannon balls.
When I was little, we spent lots of time around Charleston.
Somewhere there is a picture of me on the cannon balls at The Battery.
Do you know where it is?

And when you have boys, you're bound to end up with at least one picture like this! It makes me think of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.
'It didn't work out too well for the coyote', did it?
(Can you name the movie that line is from?)

Of course, we had to cross the bridge and take the boys to see the USS Yorktown.
To say I thought a lot about my parents while we were there, would be an understatement.
Thank you, Daddy, for dragging us to every historic or military site you possible could in our childhood!
I find myself following in your footsteps!
P.S. The fire station on Meeting Street was fabulous.
I'd like to tour that one, for sure!
Thank you, Mama, for instilling a love of all-things Charleston in me.
Sure do wish The Ice House was still open!
That would have been the perfect spot to stop for lunch!

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