Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 235~

(photo by Wyatt)
A couple of days ago, Superman mentioned that he passed Tiffany's while he was working, and wished he'd have stopped for a gingerbread man.
They are his favorite childhood treat, just as this is mine.
When he was a child, it was a treat to stop at the Tasty Bake and get one.
The Tasty Bake is long gone.
A Rite-Aid stands on it's hallowed ground.
However, Tiffany's makes them, and he likes them just as well.
I pulled into the parking lot, planning to pick up a gingerbread man for Superman and petite-fours for a cousin's birthday.
The joys rolled out of the car before I could even get my door open.
Seems an affection for gingerbread men may have been passed along in their genetics!

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