Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 222~

I love this boy!
He's growing up so quickly in front of my eyes.
But if I'm absolutely honest, this growing up thing is killing me!
The independence of him wanting to light his own candles, the idea of him changing from the cake I was going to bake to the one he saw at the grocery store, the fact that he brought me home an "I Love You" balloon today when he thought he'd hurt my feelings about the cake, the visual of him now standing taller than me- it's almost too much!
Oh my little boy!
Every year for their birthday, they pick the meal and cake they want.
(They also have no chores for the day.)
His meal of choice?
Meg's Meatballs- found here.Of course, Superman helped.
I {heart} Superman!And here's a look at the oldest joy's last birthday.
Talk about killing me... he looks so grown up since last year.
Does the growing up thing get any easier?
Or do I just need to find a therapist now?
Oh, these boys!
They truly are my joys!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Cameron! School started back today, so I didn't get home until VERY late. I'm so sorry that I didn't get a chance to talk to you. I did text your mother to call me, but I think she was already in bed.

Happy birthday, Camaroo! =)

I love you,
Auntie A

Anonymous said...

Dana, he IS growing up. And a balloon because he thought he hurt your feelings. How sweet. Well, don't go reading my blog today. It will probably make you cry. You've been warned.

Anonymous said...

Did it again. Sorry.

Chele said...

Girl if you don't have therapist by now, what are you waiting for.....LOL Your man does look older than last year. I think he lost what little "baby" he still had in his face. Glad that you are going before me in this boys just need to grow up to be men arena. Hugs...tissues....Starbucks!!!!!

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