Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 129~

We went home to Central, SC for Mother's Day!
So nice to be back home!
We surprised Mama at church.
She squealed when she saw the boys come in the door.
It was absolutely priceless!
Afterwards, we had lunch at Nannie's.
I managed to snap another handful of pics of my beautiful hometown for my 35 While 35 list.
Isn't it crazy that when you're young, you just don't realize how good you have it?
I couldn't wait to get out of this sleepy little town back then, but now nothing makes me quite as happy as being there!
It's HOME!
As a teenager, my dad had one of the town bumper stickers on his car.
It read, "My hometown, Central with pride."
Then, I was young and dumb!
I hated that bumper sticker!
But now, with a little age and wisdom, I find myself wanting one of those bumper stickers for myself!
I {heart} Central, SC!

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