Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35~ 35 Things While 35

I had to make my photo print list a little less wordy so it would all fit. Imagine that!I decided to print it out at home, and hang it on my fridge. But, wouldn't you know my color cartridge was almost empty. My print out looks very sad and drab in comparison!

I've already sent it out to be printed, so before long, I'll have one that looks just as happy as the pink one at the top to hang on my fridge. And that makes me smile just thinking about it!

Here's my (wordy) list of 35 Things to do While I'm 35:
1. weekly/monthly meal plans in notebook
2. do an art project with the boys to frame and hang in our home
3. paint our front door
4. go on a nature walk with the boys
5. learn how to crochet the ripple stitch for a blanket
6. bake cinnamon rolls and take to friends...surprise!
7. write more thank-you cards and mail them
8. take Cameron to at least 1 Clemson game this season
9. spend as much time as possible with Nannie
10. take boys for target practice in Central
11. take a photography class- learn to use all these buttons on my camera
12. photo shoot with boys at The Horseshoe
13. learn to make veggie burgers (email Melanie for her recipe)
14. wear heels more often
15. scrapbook at least 10 new pages
16. go fishing with Daddy
17. plan a get together for Evatt cousins
18. plan a get together for Rose cousins
19. picnic at park with boys
20. read a chapter of Proverbs a day, repeat monthly
21. visit Emily in Florida
22. ride Wyatt's pedal car :)
23. pack up house and MOVE
24. take Wyatt deep sea fishing
25. have a yard sale to get rid of stuff after move
26. let boys sell cupcakes and lemonade at yard sale
27. photograph my hometown... I {heart} Central!
28. start a Bible study at our house for moms
29. hike to waterfall with boys
30. learn to backup photos from Photoshop to disc & do it
31. switch household to cloth napkins
32. go to a waterpark
33. plant a new herb garden
34. make baby shower gifts for Evatt cousins
35. host a blog giveaway

I was inspired by lots of ladies in blogland to create my own personal list.
Here are some great ones:



christi said...

that's a great list. i've been thinking of doing something similar -- 30 things to do before i turn 30 -- but decided to turn my new year's goals into that and i'll do one next year. it's so inspiring to see mother's like you, writing these goal lists, managing families, school and work.

i'm looking forward to reading more ... i found you through meg's blog!

Anonymous said...

Great list. I wish I had photographed my hometown when it still looked like my hometown. It has changed so much in the last 20 years.

Jessica said...

Hey! So, I just recently did this, because I was flipping through your blog and through it was cool! I linked to your list in my entry.

Blogger said...

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