Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 32~ Allergic Reaction to Avocado

I found out the hard way last night, that I'm allergic to avocados.
What in the world?
After reading this board, I found out it's not as uncommon as I assumed.
And according to this information, most people allergic to avocados also develop allergies to latex, bananas, mango, chestnut, kiwi, etc. 
I won't miss avocados, but I'd miss the rest of the foods on the list.


inspired said...

I wonder if the allergies go the other way, too? If you are allergic to mangoes, are you allergic to avocados? I am jumping to those sites next! Glad you are alright!

Love ya,

christi said...

my husband is very allergic to avacado. he's not allergic to everything on that list, but does have problems with honeydew, kiwi, apple peel and raw carrots. hope you are continue to be ok and not experience any other reactions!

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