Monday, January 5, 2009

An Idea for You

ROUND TWO: So you've already heard me sing the praises of Troop Care Packages in this post.

But did it inspire you to contact Angel and sponsor a troop?

If so, have you contacted her yet?


I know that we've all been busy with Christmas. In fact, I've been so busy that I haven't posted in over three weeks! But now that the holidays are over, please think about sponsoring a soldier this year. What a wonderful New Year's Resolution that would be!

The joys and I have sponsored a new soldier. Our first soldier will be headed home in March, so we can only send packages out to him for another few weeks. We read here of a unit of 84 soldiers that are working such long hours in the field that they often miss their chance to eat. The thought of a hungry soldier makes me sad! As if they aren't under enough pressure, the last thing one of our American soldiers needs is to feel the pang of hunger!

We headed to Sam's and loaded up our buggy with beef jerky, trail mix, fruit cups, peanuts, soup, raisins, crackers, Slim Jims, and gum!

Our local post office was out of the APO Priority shipping boxes (the cheapest way to ship heavy boxes--- and the boxes are provided FREE by the post office) so we had to track down some boxes at a post office in another town. We were told by one of the postal workers to take home more boxes than we needed, so that next time we wouldn't have to wait to mail out our packages. So, if you decide to sponsor a soldier, you may want to pick up extra boxes when you go!

We had enough items to completely fill THREE boxes! Yipee! We also discovered that the small Slim Jims make wonderful packing material ! They can slip into all the little crevices to firm up the package. And what man doesn't eat Slim Jims?

Please consider sponsoring a soldier! In the grand scheme of things, it's such a small sacrifice on our part!

If you'd like to read more from others that have sent packages, go here.

For a list of soldiers and units in need, go here.

To see items you can send, go here.

And last but not least- if you are local, and would like to donate items to go in the packages we are mailing out monthly, then leave me a comment or email me by clicking on the 'contact my web page' link in my profile. We're happy to include your items, letters, and cards!


Michelle said...

I'm looking into it...this is such a good thing you do!

Heather said...

After reading your first blog about this, I immediately started looking into it. D & I don't normally do too much for each other at Christmas. This year I asked if we could adopt a soldier each and send packages throughout the year. He agreed, and we've even had some of our friends in the community slip us money to pick up some extras. I am sending my first boxes later this week!

Dana D said...

Michelle~ I hope you'll have a chance to do this! You won't regret it!

Heather~ Yipee! I'm so glad that y'all are doing this! That makes my heart happy! I was an army brat, born abroad while my dad was stationed in Europe- so this cause is near and dear to me! Thank you for sponsoring soldiers!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your support of the troops,Dana. Charlie is over there right now and John is supposed to go in December. People like you make the lives of our soldiers, airmen, seamen, and marines a little nicer while deployed. Thank you again. Great post.

Dana D said...

Mandi~ I had no idea that Charlie had enlisted! It hardly seems possible that he could even be old enough to drive! I still see him in my mind as a little boy!

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