Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Season for Giving

We normally put together shoeboxes for the Samaritan's Purse project at Christmastime with the boys. But, this year I decided to do something a little different. Maybe it's because this was an election year, and I've focused more on what my country means to me. Maybe it was because I wanted to do something to help out an actual American. I don't know! But I did know that I was going to find something different to do with the joys this year. I searched the web and discovered It's a one-woman operation that connects troops with families interested in sponsoring a soldier. It took me about 30 seconds to read enough of the website to know that I had found our new Christmas project! I sent an email to Angel and asked to sponsor a troop for Christmas. Within 48 hours I had the name, address, and interest list of our family's troop.

We spent a week or so discussing the branches of the military and researching the ship our sailor is on. We talked about the items on his interest list. Then, we culminated our studies with a trip to Sam's. Our sailor had simple requests: soup, oatmeal, beef jerky, and Ramen noodles.

We picked up all of his goodies, and even found a few more to add. In all, we sent 30 bags of oatmeal, 6 cans of soup, 3 bags of terriyaki beef jerky, 4 packs of Ramen noodles, 2 pouches of StarKist Tuna Fillets (not pictured), and 7 pouches of hot cocoa. The boys also made cards and drawings to include in the box. I wrote a short note to explain to him who we were and how we got his name and address. This is definitely a project I want to do again with the joys! The only complaint I have is that the shipping box (APO Priority) was too small to hold everything we bought! That's OK though! We will sponsor our troop until he returns home in March of next year. After that, we'd like to either sponsor two troops, or sponsor one that will be deployed longer. That way we can still buy in bulk and send out multiple packages. Besides, I think it will be even more enjoyable to have a longer amount of time to truly connect with our troop.

Please consider sponsoring a troop! Angel's website includes a list of items that are needed, and items that are not allowed. She also gives step-by-step directions on how to mail your packages, including how to fill out customs packages. It was EASY!!!

Remember, these men and women are serving our country! They are helping to protect us and our families!

Homeschooling mamas~ think of the wonderful lessons you can create around this service project! And think of what it will truly be teaching your child!


Michelle said...

I'll have to look into this one...sounds like ya'll had fun doing it too!

inspired said...

We are SSSOOOO doing this!! I am getting on it right now!

You are such a clever lady, bless your heart!


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