Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Book Sale Finds

A few Fridays ago I had the opportunity to go to my first-ever library book sale. It was interesting and amazing and educational and fun and humorous and...

I could go on and on! Thank you to Inspired for inviting me! I had a blast!

I got a huge kick out of the serious book collectors/ re-sellers. I also learned that I probably will never fit into that category! Don't get me wrong, I love to shop- but they took shopping to a whole new level! They were aggressive! (Think 4 a.m. shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving.) And they were easy to spot. You just had to look for the people with scanners attached to the tops of their cell phones. They were literally scanning the bar codes of the books into their phones to help decided whether or not it was a book they wanted to buy.

I had a wonderful night, and came home with the big stack of books above. I was lucky enough to find nearly all of the books I needed for the upcoming school year, and many extra goodies! It helped that I had my own personal literature guru guiding me through the book shelves.

Do you want to know how much all of those books cost me? A small fortune? A pretty penny?
Nope! My grand total was a mere $31.00!

I can't wait for the next sale in October!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! I have a good many of the books you have there and yes, I got them from library book sales. Can't beat them. I think The Book of Virtues is one of my favorites. Donnie reads to Ethan almost every night from that book.
Yep, you and Stephanie did a good job!


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