Friday, July 25, 2008


Two of the most important, influential, and special people in my life were born on July 25th. Growing up, I always thought that was really neat! It was like all the stars in the cosmos must have aligned on July 25th for such wonderful people to have been born on that day! Today though, I'm a little sad! My sweet Nana Mae would have been 80 today, and we would have celebrated! I miss her terribly! BUT, thankfully, there is still a wonderful, terrific, fantastic reason to celebrate today! My Daddy turns 58 today! And well, I've pretty much been a Daddy's Girl since birth, so it makes me smile to think about him today! Daddy is who I got my love of photography from! One day when I'm home again, I'd love to track down his old retro 70's camera strap, and 'borrow' it--- forever.
Poor Daddy has had two stubborn, strong-willed, hot-headed, competitive daughters to raise. (He also has a son, but my brother was the EASY child to raise.)
My sister likes to pretend she's a Daddy's Girl... but she's NOT!
My sister likes to pretend that she's his favorite... but she's NOT!

I love you Daddy!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
You're the best!

Not forgetting the other special person who was born on July 25th, I made this:

It's the first flower arrangement I've ever made. Nana's favorite color was yellow. I find myself drawn to yellow things these days. Superman is going to help me take this to Nana's grave today. I bought a basket that he could use tent spikes to anchor it into the ground.
This last photo was of four generations: Mom, W, me, C, Ashleigh, and Nana Mae.

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Anonymous said...

July 25th is a popular day. My birthday is the same day, too. I know so many friends who share this birthday with I know two more through you!


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