Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gross Me Out!!!

You see those two studious chaps? They're taking care of a little science homework that this homeschooling mama refused to participate in. What could be so gruesome and gross that I couldn't handle it? Well, this...
This little, ole McDonald's Filet-O-Fish box (that Superman threw in the trash when he mistook it for trash, that I then had to dig out of the trash can) contains the most icky science project ever!!!
A MEAL WORM (that later turns into a black beetle, and lives off oatmeal and water from an apple.) And I know this, because despite the fact that Superman and W were responsible for holding it, measuring it, and counting it's segments- I somehow ended up with the responsibility of caring for it and making sure that it didn't die!

And by the end of the week, I was shouting from the rooftops that me having to care for the meal worm is exactly why we will not have anymore pets at our house! (Until my precious joys are ready to take care of them themselves!)

P.S. I love the science class co-op, I just don't like a meal worm living in my kitchen for a week!!!


RJMorgan1965 said...

You have a great site. Hey check out the new site at tumblr if you need a vacation!


Sara Mincy said...

Oh wow- that would gross me out too- all in the name of education :)

inspired said...

Yummy! When I saw the box, I thought THAT was what you fed it to get it so large!!!


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