Saturday, May 17, 2008

Batter Up!

My littlest joy's baseball team had picture day today. And of course, I was there with my camera ready. I've anticipated this day all week long. His uniform has been washed and ready for days now. My camera battery was charged and ready. And all I had to do was make it to the field by noon for their scheduled time.

No big deal, right? Because I'm never late to anything! Punctual is my middle name! (and pigs are flying as I type this)

So I had everything planned and ready, and plenty of time for a quick soak in the tub. Because all of my soaks are quick. Right? But when I got out and started getting ready, I glanced at the clock... then nearly had a heart attack. It was 11:47! I had a head full of wet hair wrapped in a towel, and not a stitch of clothes on. And my littlest joy had not even begun to put on his uniform. To say I had lost track of time would be a mild understatement!

Yet somehow, we miraculously made it to the field by 12:02! It must have been a God-thing!

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