Sunday, March 16, 2008

Storm Damage, Part II

First of all, I must begin with a huge "Thank You!!!" Our phones have rung off the hook and my inbox is nearly full! And each time the phone rings or I read another email, it reminds me of how many friends and family we are blessed to have! We are thankful for each of you!

This a view of the office entrance and the first two bays.
This is a view from inside the third bay. The door remained intact, but the roof was torn off.Here are some random shots from inside the warehouse. This is a wood plank in the top of one of the trees in the driveway.Here is part of our roof that was torn off. It's in a tree across the road from the warehouse.Just to show how random damage can be, here is a shot of one of the crepe myrtle trees on the road leading to the warehouse. One is knocked down and laying in the street. And the one beside it is still standing.

1 comment: said...

that's awful.
i am so glad you are okay.
puts everything in perspective doesn't it?

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