Thursday, March 20, 2008

Enough Is Enough

My oldest joy is a fanatic about gas. He checks the fuel gauge every time we're in the car. And if it's not on FULL, he worries!I, on the other hand, can find a thousand other things to do instead of stopping for gas. I usually don't stop to fill up unless my gas light is on. And this causes much commentary from my oldest joy!Remember when gas first hit $2.00/gallon? Well, this was the cheapest I could find it today when I was FORCED by my gas light to fill up. And according to this site, this is the average price for our state as of today.
And this is what my grand total was when I finished filling up! Enough is enough! I sure miss my little Accord that I drove in college. I didn't put $88 worth of gas in that car in a whole month! Now it costs me that much every week!

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