Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Out-smarted by a Seven-Year-Old

After another of our infamous trips to Cracker Barrel, we sat in the living room eating my favorite candy of all times... Sour Patch Kids! I had picked them up at the register while paying for our meal. The green ones are my favorite flavor, and I tend to be a bit greedy when it comes to sharing those.

And when the littlest joy asked for one, I said, "What color?"

And he said, "a lell-low one."

We've been working on articulating the word 'yellow' this week, so I said, "What color?"

And he said, "Lell-low."

And I said, "What color?"

And he said, "Lell-low."

And I said, What color?"

And he said, "RED!"

And with that Superman and I burst out laughing.

I don't think I managed to teach the lesson I had intended!


Sara Mincy said...

Cute! You are a good mom to teach the right name, but lellow always sounds so cute!!!!

Love sour patch kids!

Mrs. Jones said...

Hi Dana! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I absolutely *love* yours. What gorgeous pictures of your boys! Did you take them? You have inspired me to put my beach pix on my blog. Do you mind if I copy you a little?

About refinancing and mortgage brokers, you might want to check with the credit union and a mortgage broker to see who has the best deal. I always like to interview at least 2 people, and I let them know in a nice way I'm interviewing other people, and that way you can compare closing costs (this is an important factor because they vary), points, etc. If they know there is competition, they will try to give you a better deal. I am always hesitant to let them check my credit too soon because I believe it will take points every time someone checks. So I try to get as much info as I can before we take it to the next step.

The absolutely best way I have come up with great people is through word of mouth. My real estate agent was a *super star*, so when I wanted to refi, I called her first and asked for a referral. You could also get on an online mom's group for your area and ask for referrals.

When you interview someone on the phone for the first time, ask all kinds of questions; what is the dollar amount you will pay upfront, what are the points and interest, what are the costs, etc. One great question is: If I lock in a rate today and it goes down, will you give me the lower rate? My new broker offered this one up even though it costs him money, because he knew I was interviewing other brokers. I also don't pay fees to brokers -- the lender should do this, or watch out!

Never be afraid to ask questions! I don't always get things the first time, so I say so and ask them again. They work for you!! The people I have liked the most always gave me a great vibe on the phone when I talked with them. Sometimes your gut feeling will go a long way.

It's all a little mysterious at first, but if I can figure out this stuff, anyone can!

Good luck to you! I hope this has been helpful.

Anonymous said...

Well, Dana, I'm delurking. I hate the lurker tag, but since I've never commented and read your blog, I guess that constitutes a lurker,huh?

My daughter will buy the big box of Sour Patch Kids just to pick out the RED ones. My boys like the fact that she leaves the rest for them. Oh and she also told me there's a new Cracker Barrel going up in Sandhills. Help us all.

Now you know I'm out here and I like reading your blog.

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