Monday, February 18, 2008

For Daniel

I love my little brother, really I DO! But sometimes he can be a royal pain.

Today was one of those days. After calling and texting him and calling and texting him somewhere around 429 times, he finally listened to me and checked out the "Ode to the Babies" post from a week or so ago.

But did my darling, handsome, pain in the behind little brother find it flattering that I wrote such an eloquent and loving tribute to two of my very favorite Daniels?

Uh, no!

My spoiled rotten little brother decided to critique my entire blog.

And I, being the high-achieving-people-pleasing- first-born child that I am, have fixed his so-called issues.

THE Baby~ please note:
1. I have changed my playlist so that you no longer have to listen to a song that "makes it sound like I had a miserable childhood". And I'm admitting in writing that I was spoiled (not as rotten as you) in my childhood. It was not entirely miserable- especially the first five years that I was an only child!

Also, I tried to choose the first song that really was about me. When you listen to it, just change Saturn to Honda and brown hair to black hair. Then you'll have an ode to me from back in the day- you know, back when Superman took me off y'all's hands! The second song is on there simply because I like the sound of it! So don't go psychoanalyzing the words of the song. If you do, you might get paranoid that "it's too late to apologize" for slamming on my blog!

2. Below you will find that I have posted pictures that include mom and Ashleigh. When they do something as interesting as you or Dad, I'll dedicate an entire post to them as well. OK?

And because I'm also a mind-reader, I went ahead and posted this one for you...

Now, mess with me again and you'll find your high school wrestling picture posted for all the world wide web to see---or better yet, one of you in a diaper!

I love you BABY!

(P.S.- Blogger's spell check is still down, so I hope this was readable!)

1 comment:

Amy said...

I have to say that I am glad you posted pics of Ahsley and your momcause I wonder how they are doing. :) Your brother is funny.

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