Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby Overload

Just popping in to share a bit of wisdom from MY baby.

In my family- the one I had before I married( my mom, dad, sister, and brother) my little brother, Daniel, is known as "THE baby". He is the baby boy, the baby brother, the baby grandchild, THE baby!

In my married family, there are lots of babies. Sometimes I call Superman "baby". C gets the occassional nickname of "long-legged baby", and W is just "the baby", because he's MY baby. W is my last and final baby to bring into this world, therefore I justify calling him MY baby.

The other night I checked on him in the tub, when I remarked something along the lines of him being "the baby". He acted as if he didn't hear me. I said, "W, are you alright?" Of course he pipped in with his ever so clever self and said, "Oh, I thought you were talking about Uncle Daniel!"

Yeah right, little one!

Let's get this straight, Uncle Daniel may be "THE" baby in some circles, but you are "MY" baby, which means you are "the baby" in this family!

I know it is confusing because you must share the name "BABY" and the name "DANIEL" with him. So let me help you out.

Here's a little pictorial to help you get it straight...

MY baby

THE baby

MY baby

THE baby

MY baby


MY baby

THE baby with new baby

MY baby

THE baby with KK

THE baby with KK's baby

MY baby


THE baby

THE Heisman baby

MY Gamecock baby

MY Tiger baby

THE baby with sleeping baby

MY Santa baby

THE baby with me

FRESH baby

FRESH baby's daddy

THE baby with our daddy

And last, but not least......................................
MY baby

Do you think you have it now?

If not, I can explain it all again!

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inspired said...

You are TTOOOOO Funny, bless your heart!

Inspired :)

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